Personalized Beauty Summit

February 20-21 in San Francisco
For more than half a century, the traditional beauty business model has focused mostly on innovation around product development, marketing and inventory. New technologies such asartificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) – among others – have recently attempted to disrupt these conventional and antiquated norms by allowing brands and retailers to guide consumers to purchase products that might meet their individual needs. However, this experiment in “customization” is limited to inventory already on the shelf.

The next generation of customer experience will undoubtedly upend an industry that has been relatively stagnant. Imagine a process that harnesses personal consumer data, preferences and biometrics, and converts these data analytics into unique, dispensed products in real-time, micro-manufactured in-store. The opportunities afforded by the aforementioned are almost endless because RPG x IMX’s portfolio of patents allows for nearly every product category from personal care to home to ingestibles to be tailored to an individual’s needs. We call this Unicustomization℠.

As the pioneers in Unicustomization, we at RPG x IMX are the thought leaders and implementers behind in-store personalization dispensing technologies, AI formulations and consumer experiences. Let us take you on an innovative customer journey that will soon become the standard of the beauty and wellness world. We will be sharing with you two decades of insight that are tucked away within our patent portfolio – a detailed and expansive roadmap of 75+ patents worldwide. Rooted in art, science, psychology and proprietary innovation, the future of the industry is about dispensing unique formulations and immediately placing truly customized products in the hands of consumers.