RPG x IMX Customization & Personalization Thought Leadership


As you may have seen from our press page, not only is RPG x IMX being featured in the news, but there is substantial buzz around the topics of customization and personalization in the health and beauty industry. Equally important, however, is what is NOT being said.

Why is it, do you think, that the industry’s top brands are stopping short of full customization and personalization delivered in real-time at the point of sale? A lot of that has to do with our patent portfolio. Here, we’re going to show you exactly what we mean by that.



Below, you will find our analysis of some of the top news stories. In each of the following posts, we’ll provide our take on what each company is doing in the customization and personalization space and how having access to our patent portfolio would either allow our partner to continue forward to the ultimate endpoint customers really want, while, at the same time, describe how our patents would stop your competitors from competing with you in the customization and personalization space.



In each of the stories below, we’ve taken the time to share how our patents would further enhance and protect our partner. What’s more, as part of our go forward partnership, it’s important to know you’re not just gaining the incredible power of the patent portfolio. You’re also gaining access to two thought leaders in the industry who will collaborate with you to ensure you are taking full advantage of both the patents AND the disruptive industry opportunities that come with end-to-end customization and personalization.

Our commitment to our partner is that they will reap the full benefit not only of the patent portfolio, but also the strategic and tactical expertise of two top industry veterans: Bruce E. Teitelbaum and Julie R. Bartholomew, M.D.

Let’s take a look at some top stories that are relevant to the coming customization and personalization that will drive the disruption in the health and beauty industry.


The Transformative Power of Beauty Personalization

Few will dispute the awesome power of the next generation of personalization in the beauty space. For most, however, there is a lack of understanding as to why this disruption is long overdue and, once it is fully embraced, just how seismic the change will be...

First Annual Personalization Index (PI)

“Three key takeaways for retailers from the Personalization Index include: Customer experience and personalization are inseparable; a high-quality customer experience is one that is personalized, and a personalized experience likely to be high quality.”

L’Oréal’s Three Pillars of Beauty Technology

Guive Balooch, L’Oreal’s Global Vice President of L’Oreal’s Technology Incubator “…touched on three ‘pillars of beauty technology’ that he and his team are focused on at L’Oreal: personalization, coaching and virtual try-ons.”

Sizing the Personalization Market

“Today, we note serious appeal in personalized cosmetics based on skin type – 61% of women and 32% of men globally claim to be interested in this … one in three global consumers will have ‘personalized’ a product in a store by 2025, with a further 35% interested in doing so.”

Personalization Lifts Brand Revenues

“Retailers that are truly nailing personalization are creating engaging experiences that delight customers while integrating the physical and digital experiences … Sephora’s makeup and beauty app that allows customers to select the exact right shade of lipstick and pick it up in a store is an example integrating the physical and digital experience.”