About RPG x IMX

A breakthrough in a made-to-order shopping culture is poised to radically change the retail experience and the way that people sample and purchase. What if you could customize, create and own any beauty, personal care or home fragrance product in your imagination, universally, though multi-platform technology?



Under this partnership, RPG x IMX will leverage their intellectual property and long histories as innovators in the customization of cosmetics and consumer experiences, to dramatically refocus shopping behavior. Unique technology solutions will be tailored for specific products and desired experiences. This alliance will result in the ability to offer real-time, in-store customization never before realized at point-of-sale. This transformative collaboration will turn passive consumers into active buyers and foster higher engagement.

The consumer selects the personalized features, colors and forms, and without pre-ordering has her customized creation in hand.



Founded in New York City in 1991 by Bruce E. Teitelbaum, RPG is an award-winning design/build firm globally recognized for its ability to invigorate the brick-and-mortar experience, elevate and reinforce the power of brands, and compel consumers to shop and purchase. RPG maintains an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation in its vertical approach to creative displays, fixtures, and retail environments by combining expertise in three distinct disciplines: design, development, and manufacturing.

RPG re-imagines product presentation, experience, and delivery in categories that are full of competition but ripe for disruption, especially where brick & mortar meets digital. The magic of RPG’s success is its ability to identify what is missing in the consumer experience, harness the white space, and bring big ideas and even bigger disruption to the markets. RPG responds to emerging trends with groundbreaking innovation and creativity by paying attention to the pain points of traditional user experiences, and offering up market-changing ideas and solutions.



Founded in 2000 by Julie R. Bartholomew, M.D., IMX was one of the pioneers in customizing cosmetics and toiletry products. IMX developed an early intellectual property position directed to the first generation of methods, systems and devices of technologies for customizing cosmetics.

Over the past 18 years, IMX has developed second and third generation technologies for use in connection with the current demands for interaction between computing devices and the delivery of personalized cosmetics. IMX has actively protected its patent rights in these newer technologies.

The technology, know-how and patent rights are directed to dispensing technologies and methods that allow a user to: customize virtually any color cosmetic, skincare product, cleanser, fragrance and/or aromatic (“Cosmetic Product”) at the point of sale, kiosk, pop-up, remotely, at home and/or via portable device of the end customer; design and create any Cosmetic Product; and dispense the finished Cosmetic Product into a container, mold, and/or surface. Further, the recipes for these Cosmetic Products are generated using customer-friendly input methods including: color matching scanning device systems, virtual image resolution (e.g., from facial recognition systems), or uploading of an earlier stored digital image.



For more details on, well, everything, email bruceteitelbaum@rpgimx.com or call (212) 246-3780.